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It's only a matter of time now ...
Pynchonite physical properties:
Color: Pleochroistic, highly chromaphoric and idiochromatic, sensitive to trace dispersions
Luster: Vitreous. Thermoluminescent and pyroelectric.
Transparency: Examples are generally opaque to translucent
Crystal System: triclinic but unstable, may appear orthorhombal
Cleavage: Poor in two directions at near 90 degree angles, similarly multiaxially
Parting: Evanescent, multiple intersecting planes
Fracture: Splintery to uneven when present
Hardness: 6.5 – 7 (extremely tough)
Specific Gravity: approximately 3.5 (above average for translucent minerals)
Streak: White
Flame Test: Variable, spectral
Best Field Indicators: Toughness, density, flame test and hardness. Often accompanied by pyrites and calcites.
Index Of Refraction: Multiple, indeterminate.

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Reading: Anna Akhmatova: Selected Poems: Spurred by Brodsky's "The Keening Muse" in <1; unfortunately the interplay between formal structure and idea is lost in translation (as with Pushkin per Nabokov); some elements of the Silver Age do not transmute.


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