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After a friend asked what I thought better than Vendler didn't get in "Emily Dickinson Thinking: Rearranging Seriality" (not anagrammatic of surreality), I pointed here as a start, and followed with the following:

To breach the Canon with her Hymn --
Her Order -- got by Chance --
The Words -- whose Meaning hid within
A solemn Psalm and Dance --

They stand -- in crystalline Array
To take scriptural Turn --
But hold in Frieze -- lest Foot astray
Should shatter Keats's Urn --

Then Pieces fell into a Whole
A Fascicle of rime
That Frost -- accumulating -- stole
A Fragment+ at a Time --


Which got me wondering -- has Emileet Dickinson been done?


Up0n 4 L1|4< 534
2 7055 1n<3554nt|y
H15 P|u5h 4|4rm
Wh0 ph|331n9 phr0m teh 5pr1n9
T3h 5pr1n9 4v3n91n9 ph|1n9
2 D00mz of 84|m


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