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Ontology recapitulates philology

Once upon a time, there was a word, but there was no one to speak of, and so the word was all by itself, and so the word said itself.
All the same, it's the word that was spoken of at the time, so it's said.
Everything was said by the word; and it goes without saying that what wasn't said was utterly silent.
In a word, it was all that could be said, when all's said and done, as the saying goes.
And it had all been a blank page, but the word emerged from inky darkness into the light. And it was all there in black and white, but it should be understood, it wasn't understood.
And the word wanted to be heard, to be understood, so it sent for an envoy, and it was given to the envoy to spread the word.
All the same, the word was not for the envoy; the envoy was sent to bear word.
Let it also be understood that the envoy was not the word; the envoy was sent, and through the envoy was word sent.
That was how the word came to light.
So it was that the word got out; but it was not known what to make of it.
The word came into its own, but it was not heard.
But those of us that heard were given to understand that solemn word had been given, even as we'd heard.
Word that was not given lightly, and not to be borne lightly, we were given to understand.
And the word embodied meaning, and we dwelt on its meaning, in all its nuance.
The envoy came forward, saying, that's the word of which I spoke, word must have preceded me; for the word comes first.
And of its meaning are we apprised, in all its nuance.
For letters may come by envoy, but meaning comes embodied by the word.

PS: A shout-out to goofy for putting words together at the source.


Blogger garybeac said...

I believe in God the Father; his son, Jesus Christ; and the Holy Ghost. I have experienced the Holy Ghost as it "communicated" the above to me, though my experience of it seems different from other folks' descriptions. I believe that we are "the image" of the Father and the Son because of our capacity for selfless love, which has always been the gist of the Holy Ghost's communications to me. I am intelligent by some measures (I am a physician). I am also insane by some measures (official ones), and I have had several "visions," mostly Christian themes, but also some Hindu and Buddhist stuff, plus one odd little encounter with Santa Claus. I don't think I'm insane, just a bit overwhelmed by God's love. Anyway, I'm distrusted/disliked by most Christians I know; I think largely because I don't believe in hell, only eternal progression. I think this is why I so enjoyed your paraphrase. I think you're on to something.

14/9/11 14:42  
Blogger garybeac said...

I enjoyed your paraphrase, if that's what you meant it to be. Recursion seems to be central to religion, or at least, to my religious beliefs. Our inner dialogues raise the question, "Who is talking to whom?"

14/9/11 14:47  

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