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So, not so soliloquacious of late, so sorry; sixth bloggiversary passing quietly, without warrant to update two year old yield curve meanderings (performing as before, inverted humped yield curve scenario remains much in play, moreso what with the Fed's ZIRP extension & sovereign downgrating presaging same for dollar reserve status; halfway to the horizon on that call, but then I'd expected the latest panic to manifest in late spring ...) As to other prior posting, Sam Johnson's Lives of the Poets shed little direct light on Nabokov's Pale Fire, more an ambient glow. So, so much for old business.

New business? Not so much, or rather too much for words: With the news is full of exposure to the elements (earthquake, windstorm, wildfire, flood), only the first two pertained, the former merely rattling windows, but more of a jolt from Irene, hardly irenic: the axe of God fell heavily on my street, rerouting trees into rooves all along my block (in my case, a centurion oak). My humbled abode:

Serving only to further postpone the end of procrastination on other fronts (eg bloggins) ... and so, more later.