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As the year goes into the home stretch, what remains but to remind you to remand a consideration for those who keep independent nonprofit literary publishing in the running? What's at stake is their continuing ability to get dark horses out of the gate: individual donors are important for direct funding, but I'd wager they also improve the odds for winning foundation support.

The publisher I put my money on is Archipelago Books. They've long been on a winning streak; the last time I broached this topic was appended to my take on one of their earlier successes, and its successors haven't let me down. With my abiding interest in literary translations, they have the inside track, and annual donation is my means of following the tip to "think global, act local". (And tax-deductibility isn't limited to offsetting gambling winnings.) But for a bit of sport, they're also holding an auction and raffle at the start of December.

Of course, you may want to back a different entrant, or more than one, from the field below:
Archipelago Books about -$-
BOA Editions about -$-
Coffee House about -$-
Copper Canyon about -$-
Dalkey Archive about -$-
Dzanc Books about -$-
Indigo Ink about -$-
Library of America about -$-
Milkweed about -$-
Open Letter about -$-
Sarabande Books about -$-
Ugly Duckling about -$-
White Pine about
Zephyr about

(or you could play the field with Words Without Borders about -$- but I think that's off-track betting.)


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