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BTBA longlist 2018

This year's BTBA longlist was published Tuesday at The Millions, and repeated (with publisher links) at 3% and with commentary by M.A. Orthofer at The Literary Saloon. I've read a quarter of the nominees, and won't repeat MAO's comments with which I generally agree, but will add that it's odd to see so little representation from Eastern Europe (just Poland, unless one counts East Germany post-unification). (Also, I picked up David Grossman's A Horse Walks into a Bar, expecting to see it listed, but, no.) Of the listed titles that I haven't encountered, the one that most piques my interest is Wu He's Remains of Life (the sole university press offering), then Bergsson's Tómas Jónsson, Bestseller; and I expect and want to see the shortlist (May 15) include Volodine, Hilbig, Schweblin, and Tabucchi (expect but don't particularly want Énard and Fresán). And besides the triple listigs for Open Letter and Feminist Press, congrats to the presses that had two titles selected: Archipelago Books, New Directions, and Two Lines Press. More discussion is being hosted by Trevor (The Mooksie and the Gripes) over at goodreads. (add 17.4: also continuing coverage at 3%: Why This Book Should Win.)


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