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David Auerbach's latest writing comes in hardback from Pantheon. Bitwise: A Life in Code is a GenX memoir of the formative influence of programming, leading to ruminations that the interoperability of computers and "real" "life" sets a formative context for us all through quantifiable taxonomies.

This is looser than his journalism, but no less incisive. Per the NYTimes, "what’s really distinctive about this book is his ability to dissect Joyce and Wittgenstein as easily as C++ code." I'm a bit too close to assess this further, in that we share a range of interests (including strong support for Archipelago Books) and similar histories (though I'm a Boomer, and more applied maths than systems), and we've blogcommented each other on matters literary since 2007. So I'll let Mr. Waggish speak for himself: Q&A, excerpts: LitHub, Boston Review, Medium


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This is just really a test of the anonymous posting vibe on offer from Google here but read blogcommented as blogmented and it somehow felt even to me against that word's (good) oddness.

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