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Psalms (I)

Keep good counsel on the straight and narrow
For even plots of kings will come to naught
Remain unbroken as a humble vessel
Contain the anger leaving room for joy

Hear me and subdue my tribulation
Do not be angry with me while I weep
Deserving treat my foes as they would me
So wondrous is the treasure set before us
I'll strive to earn my place amid such riches
Would that such places be denied the wicked
Whom I confront and let fate take its course
Which comes in time though sooner would be timely

Forgive my giving vent to such frustration
While fools abound and wisdom suffers gladly
A journey long unyielding or unmoved
Staying always on the rightmost path
Sleepwalking through adversity I called
Upon my strength until on rock I stood
And felt the faultless ground a firm foundation
May I find footing sound when all else fails

With majesty endowed inflame the wicked
Forsake me not so I may sing your praises
I follow fearless to pastoral plenty
Through gates uplifted onto hills of glory
Instruct me to defeat my self-affliction
And prove in faith that I am not as others
In face of whose assault you give me shelter
Having heard my humble supplication

Your thundrous voice commands full range and timbre
My meager voice uplifted to give thanks
That you would mute the schemers' evil slanders
And pardon wrongs that fester 'til acknowledged
My songs cannot compare to your words' power
Yet these provide safe haven with your blessing
Mind not the bawdy ballads of deceivers
Whose mischief prostrates them before the upright
Like weeds cut down amid the garden's flourish

I wait struck down in my iniquity
I hold my tongue but cry imploring mercy
And destitute my patience is rewarded
Praise be I please you with the pleas I raise