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From ArtNetNews, 'bout a month ago, link-augmented:

New York’s contemporary art world appears to be in the throes of a chess obsession. In addition to "The Imagery of Chess Revisited [pdf]" at the Noguchi Museum [see "We Are Duchampians," Nov. 2, 2005), there is "The Art of Chess," Oct. 28-Dec. 23, 2005, at Chelsea’s Luhring Augustine gallery, featuring some ultra-contemporary takes on the game, including Yayoi Kusama’s pieces made from spotted ceramic gourds, Jake and Dinos Chapman’s set made from anus-faced, racially segregated figures of children and Mauricio Cattelan’s Untitled: Good versus Evil, a board that pits Superman, Che Guevarra and Martin Luther King, Jr. against Hitler, Cruella Deville and the snake from the Garden of Eden, among others.
For more chess, Glenn Kaino’s show "Of Passed Pawns and Communicating Rooks"[*] opens at Projectile on 37 W. 57th St., Nov. 10-Dec. 22, 2005, while Gabriel Orozco’s [no longer] current exhibition at Marian Goodman Gallery, Oct. 6-Nov. 12, 2005, features a suite of his geometric paintings, the patterns of which are purported to be based on the knight’s move. Finally, don’t miss the Noguchi’s public event on Jan. 14, 2006, when 2004 women’s chess champion and Chess Bitch author Jennifer Shahade will challenge all comers at the Noguchi Museum [having missed the opening blindfold simul with the current US champ].

[* also of interest, if offtopic, Ann Lislegaard's Bellona at topo'page]

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