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about correspondence


change agent

archy found a blackberry
left behind by a departing
senior v p but still connected
must have slipped through the cracks
his messages were taken
by the executive suite
to be from an incoming
management consultant with
a direct line to the top
a mandate to architect
a corporate solution to
flatten the hierarchy
was assumed so they tried
to figure out what it meant
requests for minion type
were thought to be for administrative
assistance who was mehitabel
talking to what needed to be covered
so they examined their options
and backdated some memoranda
so they d be on file when the new
initiative caught up with them
but it didn t last long
as they say in the business
long story short
when no change was forthcoming
they saw they d been misled by
false prophets they should have realized
at the end of the day
nobody talks to the boss
that way

-- franz the cockroach


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