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"You have searched in vain, you have found nothing but envelopes. Open a hundred, open a thousand, you will always be stopped before opening the last. You think you have touched the essence when you take off the outer skins. You take the homunculus for the animal. But it is much deeper. These worms, these needles, etc., are only ... The true principle of life, the seed, the essence, the point that holds the animal, etc.
"In each drop is a drop, in each point another point.
"-- The last is a worm; but what is inside the worm?
"Nota. In opposition, works of art that have nothing inside them."
-- The Notebooks of Joseph Joubert, Paul Auster trans.

On onionskin. Chinese boxen. Stratified sampling. (Nota. More matter, with less art.) Who polices the police in different voices? Gnostic Teflon:

"The baroque knows no eschatology and for that very reason it has no mechanism by which it gathers all earthly things in together and exalts them before consigning them to their end."
-- Trauerspiel, Walter Benjamin (vide supra)


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