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John Crowley, Little, Big: A FSF genre-bender densely interweaving myth, fairytale and childrenstory superimposed on modern NY. Thanks, Mr. Waggish, for bringing it to my wandering attention (however inadvertently). Very good (though GWoT is tighter ... wait, that acronym no longer refers to Great Work of Time) -- best use of an orrery since FSFitz (though the self-invention is of another order), but I found the Berbarossa bit a bit thin (if necessary). Harold Bloom liked it (nice how Bloomsday was Father's Day Eve this year). No matter. Somehow I don't want to say a lot about it.

I was just informed that today marks the 50th anniversary of the frisbee (nee Pluto Platter, now dwarvish). My regards to Harvey J Kukuk. What goes around ...


Anonymous Mr. Waggish said...

The emperor bit apparently did come from another abandoned novel and was inserted somewhat awkwardly. Have you read Engine Summer? It's considerably tighter.

18/6/07 10:23  
Blogger nnyhav said...

Thanks again, that explains it. I haven't yet read anything beyond this and _Novelties & Souvenirs_, but the Byron thang and _The Translator_ had more pull. _Engine Summer_ now added to the list.

(Almost forgot: gone fishin')

18/6/07 23:31  

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