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It's time I took a different tack.

I've been doing this thang nearly 3 years, 2½ as a reading journal, but that's served its purpose, the time has come to swerve its purpose. Not that its concerns, nor mine, have become any less literary, just that this is no longer the way to address them, at least as a rule. It often feels as though I only scratch the surface; now it no longer itches as much.

For convenience, I've supplanted the first post (moved that into the second) with a table of contents, indicative, by month not by (approximately weekly) post. Typically low-tech of me, but 'twill serve. As to the new direction (which doesn't preclude gestures in the old one), that should become evident in subsequent weeks (or months), if you get my drift ...

Making amends (10.9): If you must know what I've been reading, I've outsourced the listing to WorldLitForum: Recently Finished Books (just type nnyhav in the UserName field); similarly with what presently in future will have been read in Recent Purchases (these protosurreal tenses sure are complicated, as it were, what it is, shall be, without end).


Blogger mahendra singh said...

No, Mister nnyhav, don't go! there's so much more stochasticizing to do …

highly intrigued to see that you're an ex-DC drone like myself … the ground zero of the military-industrial 'pataphysical universe

30/6/08 17:12  
Blogger nnyhav said...

Hey, I'm still going here, or going to, just under different parameters. Not discontinuation but discontinuity. I'm simply releasing myself from an obligation—self-imposed—to say something about every book I peruse.

DC was but one waystation among many (Bawlmer, Joisey, Chicagah, Meshuggin) ... NYC the destinyation. But my wonderings will persist here, though there may be some interruption while I—

1/7/08 00:06  

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