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Closing the books

... no not on the blog, just on the year. I resolve to give a better account of myself in 2014, but when resolution time rolls around I always start out by putting at the top of the list "get serious" ... then I start giggling ...

But one resolution is well worth keeping before year-end: supporting non-profit literary publishers. I'm partial to Archipelago Books myself, what with my penchant for translated literature, and they've had a banner year (again!) (and despite my being on Board); but I would be remiss not to mention a new entrant in the field like Two Lines Press. And it helps to keep procuring their offerings through your local independent bookstore ...

I'll wrap up with a couple of poems I perpetrated this year:

I don't know where the day went
somehow it got away from me
going so fast it was just a blur
so I can't say where it got to

another day to be counted lost
among so many misplaced lately
I have a calendar full beyond number
and can't recall where it got to

when they say you're either for us or against us
          I say I'm against us
which I say is not to say I'm with them
and they say oh one of those
          they're all the same
so I'm not alone

but with you it's different


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