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Catching up on this year's prose (asterisks mark the BTBA-eligible) and less recent poesy ...

Philippe Jaccottet, And, Nonetheless: Selected Prose and Poetry 1990-2009 (John Taylor) [Chelsea]: essayistic capture of the light and transient color of moments of eternity
* Patrick Modiano, Suspended Sentences (Mark Polizzotti) [Yale/Margellos]: notes from the margins and erasures of Paris
* Pierre Michon, Winter Mythologies and Abbots (Ann Jefferson) [Yale/Margellos]: mainly medieval historical byways
* Can Xue, The Last Lover (Annelise Finegan Wasmoen) [Yale/Margellos]: gnomic intersubjectivities of dreams and loves oddly related
Witold Gombrowicz, Trans-Atlantyk (Danuta Burchardt) [Yale/Margellos]: frenzied farce as only Gombrowicz can ... reread, sort of; bills itself as An Alternate Translation, and indeed complements rather than supersedes the prior (perhaps overexuberant) attempt
* Hugo Ball, Flametti or The Dandyism of the Poor (Catherine Schelbert) [Wakefield]: vaudevillians, more proto-Brechtian than Dadaesque, from the initiator of the Cabaret Voltaire
* Vladimir Lorchenkov, The Good Life Elsewhere (Ross Ufberg) [New Vessel]: dark light comedy on the Assumption of Italy [MAO]
* Scholastique Mukasonga, Our Lady of the Nile (Melanie Mauthner) [archipelago]: Rwandan lycée as pococosm [MAO]
Christian Bök, Eunoia [Coach House]: Oulipo tributary, exercising vowels (after Rimbaud, Perec)

... and wishing all a best of 2015.


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