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The foregoing is a selection of exercises done over past years to supplement my reading; as such, never finished, but buffed enough to serve as intro ... to which I'll add a précis:

Stuff I play with: literature, maths, semiotics (this representation to be refined, sporadically, over coming weeks); I used to think I was good at this stuff, now I content myself with just getting better ...
Stuff I used to be good at: chess, Ultimate, APL et al

At an intersection of some of these interests, reading Caradec/Monk's Raymond Roussel bio this past weekend, I learned (among other things) that RR devised a scheme (which top-tier master Tartakower confirmed) for checkmating with bishop and knight, improving upon the then extant "triangle method" with a cedilla. A cedillaed delta I've never seen ... unless one counts the stylised mitre that serves to denote the bishop in chess diagrams.


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