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My disappointment with what I'd read of Gombrowicz (relative to his reputation) led me to look into other 20th century Polish writers, to find there's much more to be had than I'd thought. Dalkey (and Gotham) have restocked the TBR shelf with Konwicki's and Szewc's best, but the good folks at CESLIT have loads to offer, albeit heavy on the poetry among what's translated, while another site covers translations exclusively. Meanwhile, I let myself down easy after Andrić (from sofa to Sofia) with Gospodinov, lighter fare, more compulsive than compelling, but one still must take one's hat off to one with such bees in his bonnet (curiously, recent Valvisitor Adam Roberts is the first author to pop up under that last idiom). But it seems little enough has been translated from deeper behind where the Iron Curtain parted, less still from non-Baltic XSSRs ...

Addendum 2324.3: Adding to the list, 20th century Yugoslav classics, particularly Krleza; and more recently, Pekic and Basara Schmidt, to be acquired for the TBR shelf.


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