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1) Another reappreciated poet's novel, this time Robert Creeley's The Island, about how much isolation depends upon others, and how much you can take with you, both of which explain the writer-protagonist, beyond owing quite a bit to his time in Mallorca, per interview on foray into publishing. Again, the language sensitivity, but particularly with the grammar, extending to sentence and paragraph and up, made to carry the weight, load-bearing elements putting each word, phrase, in stark relief -- the music of the prose is that of a Scriabin sonata -- putting a burden on the reader to make it all hang together (or separately).

2) Now Balkanism is proposed as a parallel to Edward Said's Orientalism; Blejić's intro, ""Blowing Up the Bridge", gives an overview. Even aside from the the misuse of "Andrić in his Nobel Prize-winning novel", it strikes me that this is perhaps, um, incoherent as a unified field of study. The new CONTEXT provides a less abstracted take on Sarajevo and on the more abstracted intelligentsia. (Also in CONTEXT, Mati Unt [link added to prior post, though title cuts 5 years off his life], and Flann O'Brien.)


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