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When Keats came upon him, Chapman was subjecting the piece of fruit in his hand to intense scrutiny.

"What is the difficulty?" he asked.

Chapman replied, "This seems ripe and luscious enough, and the blush is just right, but I expected the fuzz to cover it evenly. Here, along the cleft, there doesn't seem to be any. I have my doubts about partaking of any fruit which exhibits a tonsure."

"You're committing a synecdoche," Keats remarked, "in taking the part for the hole."

Chapman glared at him.

"Come now," Keats rejoined, "it's only a vigorous peach."

(and for dessert ... an update 9.7: Boston Review's Roger Boylan's Flann O'Brien [via Literary Saloon]: shorter version: "Then felt I like some watcher of the skies / when a new planet swims into his ken")


Blogger mahendra singh said...

Parfait! A peachy-keen discourse upon stochastic flummeries of the hibernian sort … a true flaneur (sans chapeau)

We who are on holiday salute you, sir! The name of Flann is meat & drink to us at chez snarque.

12/7/08 10:11  

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