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On Friday, Alex Estes described what Archipelago Books is up to (which is ten years, a hundred books, and more). Alex gets at much of what (read: who) has made Archipelago succeed, but I'd add a further point: the relation with translators is a two-way street, and the respect is reciprocated (even, or maybe even especially, during the editorial process). It not only makes for a superior product, but opens opportunities for choice offerings (and Jill Schoolman continues to demonstrate both impeccable taste and diverse range in her selection). You might say it's confirmation bias, but it's the only publisher's list I've read over half of.

Archipelago's most recent success has been in bringing Karl Ove Knausgård to an American audience, which has become steadily more appreciative as each of the six volumes has rolled out. On Thursday, Eurozine carried Anne Patterson's translation of his ruminations on writing and editors (and critics) and publishers (but no, not the publishers of translations or the translators) (whew!). (Further reading and lotsa links over to that lit chatboard.)

Go read.

* Read The Whole Thing, though Round The World Trip might also apply in this case (and it amuses me that it's the stock ticker of Twitter backwards).


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