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When it comes to the question of what money is, the answer takes the form
1) a medium of exchange,
2) a store of value,
3) a unit/measure (that is, standard) of account,
though fresh-water economics generally gives precedence to the first item.

So why hasn't language been similarly split into
1) a medium of communication,
2) a store of meaning,
3) a standard of representation,
with the first item taking precedence among some of the hard-core? (Linguistics takes a tripartite division into form, content [semantics], and context [pragmatics], but it's not the same thing.)

And of course written language traces its roots to accountancy ... I could go on with other overlaps, conceptual and otherwise, but will leave all that unpaid/unsaid.

(yeah I'm still here, just all over the place, service will resume with 2015 reading in review shortly.)


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