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To expand upon last month's note, my favorite publisher gets an NYObCit as source of Brooklynfluence, whilst bringing Knausgaard to a venue near you.
(my favorite publisher before [and now after] archipelago books? Dalkey Archive, and before and after that, New Directions ...)

But other indies involved in literary translation are getting deserved if deferred notice, and certainly got mine:
Graywolf's Fiona McCrae or Fiona McCrae's Graywolf (not exclusively translations, Per Petterson their Norwegian success story) (via the inestimable M.A.Orthofer, who's hot these days for Seagull Books, but that's UK [though available in US thru Uχ]);
Chad Post contributes The Official Launch of Deep Vellum update: so too Asymptote [interview];
Five questions for New Vessel, which inaugurates their list with six titles (I've got Marek Hlasko's Killing the Second Dog in hand).
Which is not to detract from the many worthy nonprofits on the scene ... but it's all good (if not yet all better).

But while indies are in, there's a winnowing of university presses under pressure underway, some being subsumed into the library systems, which have a different understanding of the function (though working on an improved understanding of their own [the proper study of mankind is the measure of all things]), which concerns me, being part of that audience outside academia that's long had the benefit of their offerings. (Current reading: Olga Tokarczuk, House of Day, House of Night (Antonia Lloyd-Jones) [Northwestern University Press: Writings from an Unbound Europe, series now discontinued])


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