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Throwaway lines (slow return)

Every couple of years I collect, or recollect, some of the rubbish I've uttered, mainly at The Fictional Woods lit-chat, and fashion a blog post out of it. Yes, we recycle!

Each time I run across Heraclitus' 91st fragment it reads differently.

I don't get why some people obsess over "making a difference". Do the math: it's only subtraction.

When they say 'do the math', they always mean arithmetic, never differential topology.

Live each day as though it were your last. You'll be right some time, but then again so's a stopped clock.

In battling ambivalence, I'm not sure who should win.

I'm enjoying my anhedonia.

Confessional poetry isn't worth the price of admission.

Got dem Guattari blues / Après moi, le Deleuze

I'm an axiomatic pragmatist: first principles are the fundamental problem.

Famous last words: "Take this down. 'Kill the moralists. It's the right thing to do.'" —Siger of Brabant

Entire sociopsychologies have been built upon the foundation of man's inability to bear children; how come no parallel structure has been erected on man's inability to fake orgasms?

Just because humans have opposable thumbs, should we hold it against them?

What's the plural of hapax legomenon again?

What if I faked having Impostor Syndrome and they found out?

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